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About Us

Lequa Beauty was born from a simple need. The need for quality women's razors and shave products that are priced right. The creators were looking for natural shave products, sharp, high-quality blades and a sleek and easy to use shaver. When they couldn't find what they need, they worked to create it. Through a desire to innovate yet keep it simple, Lequa Beauty was born.

Now we're happy to bring our products to you and share what we've been working.

We're working on taking the chore out of shaving and making it a more spa-like experience, so it's something that you actually look forward to. Even if shaving still feels a little daunting to you, the results will be worth it- smooth, glowing skin with no nicks, cuts, or irritation.

We thank you for visiting and we hope you love our products!

Happy shaving to you!

Team Lequa