Lequa Beauty

LequaBeauty Razor(Jessica Dones)

LequaBeauty Razor

Happy Saturday Dolls! 

I'm so excited to share with you all this amazing find, a new razor on the market from Lequabeauty.  Ladies, I am not lying when I say that this is by far the best razor I've ever used. It's designed to fit in your hand and give you that control you need. It comes in a 4-Blade razor cartridges or 6-Blade razor cartridges which you can choose based on your own personal preferences. I chose to go with the 4-Blade razor which came with strips infused with all natural chamomile and olive oil. After using this razor, my legs felt so smooth! The design is so girly, it comes in a beautiful Aqua blue and also comes with a suction leaf shaped holder for your shower; another plus for this amazing razor. It literally can't get any better than this and it only retails for $9.99! I highly recommend this razor & if you ladies do decide to try out, be sure to use my discount code (SmoothLegs) for 10% off your purchase! I promise, you won't regret trying these razors out! 

Lequabeauty also has other natural products such as soaps and deodorants that are to die for! 

Make sure to check them out at: LequaBeauty and don't forget to follow them on IG! 

Let me know what you girlies think about this new razor in the comments below!  

Until next time,