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Mermaid Tail Luxury Soap Bar whopping

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The Best Women's Razor under the sea, the Mermaid Razor for the smoothest, cleanest shave, be bikini ready with Lequa Beauty
This mermaid soap tail luxury soap bar is a whopping 5 ounces and is maid of the finest of all materials. Talking TOP TOP skin products and ingredients on this beauty. These mermaid bars are only maid to order and we run about 4 weeks out. FRAGRANCE PROFILE: "Energy" An amazing day at the beach complete with warm sand, sea spray. Tones of Jasmine and Mandarin complete the wonderful fragrance. Look, I see a mermaid jumping back into the sea... Yes, mermaids do exist!! Bring home your very own mermaid today!
Ingredients: Purified Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, (sustainable), Sodium Hydroxide, (Saponification Agent), Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil, Tussah Silk, Goats Milk Powder,  Heavy Cream Powder, Titanium Dioxide, (Whitening Skin Safe Agent), Glycerin, Mica, ( Skin Safe), Fragrance, Skin Safe Glitter...